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Jewelry Care


With proper care, your sterling silver jewelry can always look like

new. Silver jewelry that is frequently worn rarely discolors. Wash

your silver jewelry in warm (not hot) water with a gentle detergent.    

Be careful to avoid scratching. For a quicker cleaning method try

our GEM & JEWELRY CLEANER. The liquid cleaner will remove

dirt, fingerprints and buildup from your gemstone and silver

jewelry. If your silver starts to discolor, extra care can bring it back to

its’ original shine. After a gentle cleaning, use our


and inhibit tarnish and will polish your silver back to a mirror like



Often imitated never duplicated, gold jewelry has a luster  of its

own. To restore and maintain its shine, soak in our GEM AND JEWELRY CLEANER.
Next gently scrub with the soft bristle brush

provided. Rinse with warm water, dry with a soft cloth, and then use

the ULTRA-JEWELRY POLISHING CLOTH to bring to a high polish.

On the Go:

Our FOAM GEM AND JEWELRY CLEANER is formulated to clean and

restore the brilliance of your jewelry while at home or during travel.

This 2.5 oz. travel item takes up very little space – Less than 2 square


Tip for keeping your jewelry looking brand new:


  1. Always avoid contact with day to day chemicals. This includes perfume, hair spray, lotions, household   cleaners, and salt water.
  2. Clean after each use with a soft cloth to remove makeup, sweat, dirt, etc.
  3. Store your jewelry in the poly bag with anti-tarnish tab you receive with each purchased product.


For additional tips or issues please feel free to contact us.